Floating Farms in Abandoned Mine Pits

There are many large abandoned open cast mining pits in the outback of Australia that contain huge volumes of fresh water. These artificial lakes situated in arid and desert environments provides tremendous potential for food production and recreational activities.  Terraforming Earth has the necessary expertise, experience and capabilities for developing this potential.


abandoned mining pit

There currently exist many abandoned open cast mining pits in the Australian Outback that are full water and unused. These water filled old mining pits are a perfect location to setup floating farms with caged fish farming below them.


floating aquaponic vegetable and fruit farm

Floating farms are not a new concept. This form of farming has been done since time in memorial in many different countries. Terraforming Earth is working with floating farm technology partners to create low cost, low impact growing beds that are modular, non-polluting and float. 


caged fish farming

Fish cages are placed in lakes, ponds, rivers, or oceans to contain and protect fish until they can be harvested. The cages can be constructed out of a wide variety of components. Fish are stocked in cages, artificially fed, and harvested when they reach market size. One key advantage of fish farming with cages is, many types of fish can be farmed at the same time and it can co-exist with sport fishing and other water related activities.