The TE Consortia of Strategic Solution Providers

The TE Consortium of Strategic Solution Providers comprise pre-qualified individuals and companies who have achieved significant track records and experience in their respective domains of business. Apart from experience and success, each of these individuals value relationships, mutual respect and above all, leaving Earth better for us having been here.


EAch Solution provider is a independent and standalone business in its own right

Like the successful Dingo wild dog of the Australian Outback, each participating TE Solutions Provider (TESP) is a successful standalone business or consortium. When necessary, relevant TESPs will come together to form a team to bid or collaborate on an opportunity. Any TESP may take on the role of the “main contractor” or “lead partner” in a project while the supporting TESPs will be the “sub-contractors”. New business opportunities can flow into TE through any TESP.


solution providers

TE Consortium Oct 2018.jpg

a solutions integrator


The diagram below illustrates how a group of TESPs are coming together to develop the solutions and deliver on a massive game farming project in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. This project would have been impossible for any single solutions provider to deliver.

TE Game farming Oct 2018.jpg